William T "Bloody Bill" Anderson, was a confederate general. Bloody Bill Anderson was born in 1839 in Salt Springs Township in Randolph County, Missouri. William and his one brother James, attended a close school in Huntsville Missouri. In 1857 Bill's family moved from Missouri to Kansas mostly because of his father although, he never said why.
       The Anderson family soon gained a reputation in Kansas for trying to get over on people and, they also made shady deals for a living. In 1862 an elder of the Anderson family was killed after being accused of horse stealing. After that had happend, the Anderson family made the decision of moving back to so called "safe" Missouri. 
       William gained the nickname, "Bloody Bill" because he was the most brutal and deadly man you'll ever meet! Anderson was also along the people in the fight in Kansas about Slavery, which gave the area it's name, "Bleeding Kansas". Anderson stole horses and wagons. William was apart of a antislavery pro-union band of other antislavist known as the "JayHawkers". He soon switched joined the pro-Confederate "Bushwhackers."

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